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There’s no ‘finish line’ for this opera student

At 58 Doug Brunker is still perfecting his craft Urbino, Italy- It’s mid-afternoon and arias from tenors, mezzos, and sopranos bounce off the cobblestones of Via Valeria as eight American opera students…


Restoring dignity to the land

How one man’s mission created Italy’s thriving organic pasta industry Isola del Piano, Italy – “What are they thinking?” “They must be crazy!” It was 1971 and those judgments were being passed…

Anna Thornton Infographic


The Secret of La Baciocca

This recipe for crescia sfogliata is more than a hundred years old URBINO, Italy—Lara Amadori remembers her nine-year-old self sitting in a warm kitchen on a cold winter afternoon. She contentedly watched…

Rebecca Smith Infographic