Sophie DiFrancesco

It’s so funny reflecting on my time here in Urbino. When I first came, I didn’t expect to learn so much, AND have the experiences of a lifetime in such a small amount of time. I have and always have been a theatre person, and adding my major was off a whim. After this summer, I can confidently say, I am so happy I added my second major. I have gotten to work with the most wonderful theatre makers, watch fantastic performances, and make lifelong friends. Taking photos of such a gorgeous city with people even more beautiful was so thrilling, and every snap of my camera brought me immense amounts of joy. This program has taught me that I love meeting new people and telling their stories. I love sharing those stories through writing and photography, and with the skills I have learned here from such wonderful mentors, I think I’ll be able to implement it in all the work I do in the future. I have always considered myself a theatre artist, but I think after this program, I will also consider myself a journalist too.

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