Noah Beidleman

My experience in Urbino has been one unlike any before. Not only was I able to fully immerse myself within the Italian culture, but thanks to my story was able to take a glimpse into Ukrainian life as well. Getting to know the Ukrainian students will be something that I remember and cherish forever. Developing a story in another country with 2 or 3 different languages being thrown at you, was a challenging experience but one that I would never trade. I can thank my mentors as well as Urbino for pushing me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to fully admire the beauty in each aspect of a story. The experiences in Urbino have given me a deep appreciation for photography and provided me with a different view on how to capture not only a person but their culture and their story. I am confident and excited for my next endeavors in the world of Journalism and can thank Urbino and the wonderful people I’ve met for that.

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