Lyuben Kraev

Nothing I’ve experienced and no place I’ve been to so far touched me quite like the time I spent in Urbino. These few weeks of exploration coupled with mentorship from industry professionals helped me gain remarkable insight into the work and life of a foreign reporter. I honed my skills as a writer, photographer and videographer, and I got to hear fascinating stories from locals with the help of our incredible translators. Out here amidst the paved streets, where the fragrance of delicious regional cuisine mixes in the air with lively chatter from all directions, storytelling comes to you naturally. Urbino offers something novel for any aspiring journalist with a curiosity for the historical, cultural or culinary – all it takes are a few words of Italian and an adventurous spirit. I will treasure the experience I gained and the memories I made with my sources and colleagues, and heartfully recommend this program. Ci vediamo, Urbino!

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