Lauren Nordseth

I’ve always heard people say, “studying abroad changed my life,” but it wasn’t until I actually embarked on this experience that I fully understood what that meant. Before coming to Urbino, I informed my family and friends that I would be in Italy but didn't know how to explain what Urbino was like because I'd never heard of it prior to this program. After a few Google searches I gained a better understanding of what the landscape might look like, but it wasn't until I stepped out of the bus that it fully hit me. The beautiful stone architecture, cobblestone walkways, and friendly faces instantly made me feel at home. No amount of jet lag could interfere with the excitement that came over our entire group as we all stood in awe of the quaint but lively city. Urbino’s culture, traditions, mountain views and way of life have truly made an impact on me that I will cherish forever. Urbino allowed me to be a student in Italy for a month while learning the language and collaborating with students and faculty from various backgrounds. I’m so grateful for the experiences and hands-on opportunities this program has given me and Urbino will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to my parents for supporting this journey, Elisabeth Kvernen and all of the other faculty for the amazing teaching direction, and Urbino for becoming my second home.

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