Ivy Secrest

I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced this program. Even when my initial story took a turn and I had to start over there was no point where I felt like I had failed to gain meaningful experiences (and I mean is anything really stressful if you end your day with aperitivo?). I’ve been able to connect with local farmers, students, business owners, and public officials in the process of developing my story. Following an economic and then an environmental pitch I was able to learn so much about this community, the struggles they face the strengths they possess. I’ve seen things my little art-loving heart has only dreamed of and learned a lot about how to report abroad. I’ve made good friends who have been kind enough to welcome me into their lives and show me Urbino from their perspective. I was also able to improve upon my reporting skills in a way that is simply inaccessible to most college students. Urbino is an outstanding city filled with wonderfully kind, and welcoming people who have made this trip stand out from any other. I simply could not be more grateful that I was able to experience this wonderful place and will certainly be returning should I ever be so lucky again.

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