Fabiola Garcia

I have always wanted to study abroad, but I never thought I’d get to the point of doing it. I would let fear and doubt of being in a country without family by my side scare me from the idea. After the pandemic, my viewpoint took more of a carpe-diem-route, and I’m so glad it did. Studying abroad in Urbino has been so fruitful. It is hard to describe everything I have managed to experience in our time here. I’ve gotten to learn and gain more experience in documentary filming in a hands-on manner rather than just in a classroom learning mode. I made close relationships with other students, faculty, and with the locals who were extremely kind. I reveled in learning Italian culture and the Italian way of life with my peers. In our free weekends, we got to explore on our own the different sites of Italy. Traveling to Venice was a bonding experience. Porto Recanati was a happy accident when we booked there but it quickly became one of my favorite places I’ve visited. Urbino, of course, was the home away from home. I was always so relieved to come back from our free weekends and know I was back in the streets that were so familiar to me. I plan on returning because of how much I have enjoyed my time here.

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