Alisa McCaleb

Urbino is a remarkable place I honestly never thought that I would get the opportunity to experience but am so thankful that I did. Though it is such a small town, the exploration here is endless. There is always something to do whether that’s shop around at the Saturday market or grab a cappuccino at Cafe Basili. After only being here for a week, Urbino already felt like home to me. I am so grateful for the amazing mentors and translators that I got to work so closely with, and for my fellow classmates who quickly became my great friends. I made connections with so many people with such ease here, and it made this a truly unforgettable experience. I do wish I could stay longer than a month; there is so much more to learn. This experience really challenged me academically but also brought me so much tranquility. I am confident that the knowledge and skills that I acquired from this program will widely help me with my future efforts. Immersing myself into this tasteful culture taught me a lot about patience and understanding, as well as broadened my horizons tremendously.

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